“This is infectious. It has changed my relationship to my body and my orientation to movement practices. It has gotten me to examine my goal fixations and my body-as-improvement-project attitudes and has helped me to relax my attachment to them. In short, more contentment, more ease, more willingness to be intimate with the range of experiences in the body. That is a cultural shift. That is revolutionary. At least it has been for me.”- John Schaldach
“Anyone who is even vaguely interested in the body should put this podcast at the top of their “must listen” list. Brooke’s interviews are so insightful, every time I listen to a new episode I learn something new. I feel immensely grateful to be able to learn from all these thought leaders.”- Rebecca DiLiberto
“Ever since I started listening to this podcast I find myself greeting clients, colleagues, friends, my spouse, and occasionally strangers at the bus stop with the words, “I heard the most amazing podcast yesterday! You have to listen to it.” Brooke is doing a beautiful thing here and it’s a joy to listen to.”- Jae Gruenke
“The Liberated Body Podcast has literally changed my awareness and perception of myself, my body, and the universe around me.”- Tara Davis
“Brooke Thomas is the Terry Gross of the somatic world.”- Neckfree, an iTunes user
“Your podcast has been like going to a family reunion and meeting long-lost cousins. It's grounding and energizing all at the same time.”- Bobbie Hart

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