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*Do it yourself! Every Friday we do a roundup of great posts, videos, or other resources around a theme that help people to turn their bodies from cranky to happy.*

7951627190_9b75735982_cThis week I put my interview with Jae Gruenke of The Balanced Runner up as a delicious treat for all you runners out there. So I thought I’d follow it up by dedicating this DIY Friday to The Balanced Runner’s Five Running Form Tips You’ve Never Heard Before. There is so much lousy information out there about how to be a better (faster, more efficiently, and injury free) runner, but this stuff is gold. Enter The Balanced Runner team:



Video #1- Dealing with Tight Shoulders: 

‘Video #2: Dealing with Sore Knees:


Video #3: The Trouble with Being Too Upright, and How To Avoid It:

Video # 4: How to Avoid Working Too Hard:

‘Video #5: How to Avoid Overstriding: 


photo by Matt Brock

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4 Responses to “DIY Friday: Run Smarter”

  1. lafitmodel August 13, 2013 at 5:56 pm #

    Thanks for bringing us info from smart women. Would love to hear yours + others take on the fact that what Jae say’s is the opposite of what Katy Bowman does when it comes to running. Jae – arm “swing” comes into midline. Katy – arm “swing” forward/backward, do not cross into midline. Jae – gait – landing hips over ankles. Katy “Optimal gait pattern for running is toe-heel” this is like what Jae refers to as prancing, (and fyi as a runner toe-heel does not feel right at all) Jae – bring chin forward like “going in for a kiss”. Katy – ramp head back. Jae – pelvis moves. Katy pelvis stays “neutral”. So 2 smart women, 2 views, which to choose. As a runner I choose Jae.

    • Brooke August 13, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

      Thanks for your great comment! I was totally unaware of Katy’s take on running form, and am also not a runner! Both of which put me at a disadvantage in answering which I would “choose”. However, what I do like about Jae’s work, and the reason I featured her, is that she is very smart about making sure the body moves as a whole, which requires that the spine and pelvis move. As in, pelvis moves in running (it would be impossible for it not to, and also “neutral” is a term that can mean a myriad of things, so I would have to look up how Katy Bowman specifically means it), and the arm swing coming into the midline brings the full spinal mobility into the picture. I’d love to hear from more runners who have experimented with the myriad of options!

  2. Ariana August 15, 2013 at 4:32 pm #

    Those are great questions Lafitmodel! I would love to hear Katy’s response to that. I have only heard her talk about walking – not running. I am not a runner so I cannot offer a preference over Katy’s or Jae’s suggestions. I have heard many conflicting theories about optimal running patterns from incredibly smart people. Perhaps like many movement theories it depends on the individual person/body and there is not one universal application or ideal?


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