The Liberated Body Guide to
Why Fascia Matters

This free ebook is a short primer on what fascia is and how a better understanding of this tissue system can help anyone to better resolve and avoid pain, injuries, and erosion. If you are in the process of making better friends with your body, or are in the business of helping others to do the same, this guide will help you (or your clients and students) to better understand our system of biomechanical regulation. Intended as a beginner’s guide, Why Fascia Matters navigates how fascia functions and how understanding it can help us to live with more ease in our bodies by translating some of the current research on fascia in an accessible and informal voice.

Why Fascia Matters unveils some of the confusion around why treating symptomatic “parts” often doesn’t resolve anything and instead begins a years-long process of chasing pain around. It will also help you to see more clearly through a lens of holism, which, even if the term “holism” has been wildly and egregiously overused, is crucial to understanding our bodies and our health. Last but not least, hopefully this ebook will help you to dip your toes into the wonder of this miraculous thing called the human body that we get to live in.


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This guide is a great resource for manual and movement therapists, as well as for their students, clients, and patients. It is also very conveniently free, which makes it a useful micro-textbook to use in professional trainings of all kinds, or to hand out to people who you are seeing in your practice.

The Liberated Body Guide approach

Every Liberated Body Guide holds these things to be true:

1) There is no inevitable downward spiral- you aren't stuck with something just because someone told you that's how it goes.

2) There are no local problems- piece meal approaches to the body are usually ineffective, so we take a different approach.

3) There are many paths to more happily inhabiting your body- each guide gathers together several thought leaders who can help you to chart your best course.

What's included


This is a wee ebook, in the form of 34 pages of pure fascia love and geekery. It will be downloaded to your computer as a PDF.

*Please note that this guide is free, but when you click on the order button  a field to enter your credit card information will appear. This isn’t because I am trying to arm wrestle you into paying for it, it is because the delivery service that I am using has no option that allows for a free product without a field for people to pay some amount if they wish. To get the guide for free simply enter $0 in the amount field and there is no charge.


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