This is What We Do Here

3833334809_f3a260b97b_zThere have been a lot of changes afoot over the last few months- we went from Fascia Freedom Fighters to Liberated Body, we ran the first ever 30-Day Challenge (with the best group of people ever), and the podcast and guides are kicking in the womb! We've also had a lot of new wonderful people joining in the Liberated Body conversation.  That said, sometimes it's good to chat about some of the real basics. Stuff like: Who is "we"?

Hi! I'm Brooke! And while I've been a professional in the "help people to heal their hurting bodies" fields for going on 14 years, I am not a guru from another dimension who's got it all figured out. Instead, I am a passionate learner, dedicated body nerd, and former broken person. And I am at your service (see more about how below) .

There are also two very important people who make this all run, make it all beautiful, and keep me from breaking things (or at least bail me out when I do): Taryn my oatient developer, and Reese my gifted designer.

"We" also includes the brilliant thought leaders who have submitted guest posts, who I have been honored to interview back when we were doing video interviews on Fascia Freedom Fighters, and who I have been interviewing currently for the upcoming podcast (So. Many. Great. Interviewees! I can't wait to share it with you).

Most importantly, "we" is really about all of you out there. When I started this site as FFF I never would have dreamed that I could be lucky enough to attract such a smart, hilarious, thoughtful, and well-informed group of readers. Your emails and chats on Facebook and Twitter have meant the world to me, and have helped me to know how best to be of service. Keep 'em coming.

What we do here:

We support people by connecting them with the resources that can either help them to more happily inhabit their bodies, or simply help them to light up their love for learning about this amazing thing called a body that we get to live in. Or both!

We do that by:

1) Advocating for a return to more natural human movement and alignment. That means addressing the weird environments we spend all of our time in (plushy couches, sitting 12 hours per day, and incessantly staring at screens for starters), and addressing the weird habits that get born out of these environments.

Weird habits also are born out of lousy advice and misunderstandings about the human body that tend to proliferate over time when we lose our connection as a culture to natural human movement. (Ummmm, for example, I do kind of momentarily black out when a client tells me they were told to wear high heels in order to avoid their plantar fasciitis pain. Gah! How can this happen!?)

2) Pointing out the wide, rich array of amazing resources that exist within the spatial medicine fields- often referred to as the manual  and movement therapies. There are so many brilliant creators, practitioners, and teachers out there with work that will help you. So we do our best in the blog and podcast, on Facebook and Twitter, and within what will be the guides, to connect you with the most useful information out there.

We do that because:

1) We're a mess. Oof! We're in trouble as a species right now. I'll spare you the gnarly statistics for the moment, but suffice it to say that rates of chronic pain and physical degeneration are at an all time high. Not to mention that we are all just plain old compressed, depressed, schlumped out, and feeling lousy. We think enough is enough already. It's time to feel good again.

2) The solutions to the mess that we use the most often are just making bigger messes: Dangerous and highly addictive narcotic painkillers that numb your whole life along with your pain, cortisone shots that degrade your tissue health while only temporarily making your pain feel better, and invasive surgeries that have either big risks or poor outcomes (or both) have become our norm. They should not be our norm. There are so many better, less risky options.

What's coming up:

Goodies! So many goodies!

1) The Liberated Body Podcast greets the world on Tuesday, and from then on every Tuesday weekly. I have been working away to bring you some of the brightest minds who are talking about how we can get back to feeling good again. People like Tim and Geoff over at Original Strength, Esther Gokhale, Wendy Powell, Eric Goodman, and Erwan LeCorre with plenty more scheduled. These people have wisdom folks. And I can't wait to share it with you.

From here on I anticipate the weekly content to be pretty podcast/audio heavy. This means that you get more opportunity to learn from thought leaders and you get to do it without having to look at a screen! Hooray! Podcasts can be digested while walking running, swinging from trees- you name it. Score one point for less screen time.

2) The Liberated Body Guides are on their way to being born. Ultimately, they will be an ongoing series of concise multimedia (written, audio, and video) guides that will each address a specific physical concern.

In the spirit of LB being a place that connects you to a wide range of resources, each guide will be a collaborative process in that interviews with experts on each subject as well as video content from those experts will be included. This, again, should help you to get a feel for what manual and movement therapies will be most interesting and effective for you- or for your clients, patients, and students who might also be in need of help.

The first guide is in process and it is on the life-altering topic of short hamstrings. Ok, ok, short hamstrings might not be the kind of sexy topic that gets flashy headlines, but it is an issue that is affecting more and more of us and has wide reaching consequences. So if you're tired of feeling like the tin man in that department, we'll be talking all about it soon.

How can I make your dreams come true?

1) Let me know who you want to hear on the podcast! The Facebook group recently gave me some great names of people they would love to hear interviewed. If you have intellectual crushes on anyone in these fields, go ahead and let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to get them on the show.

2) Vote on what guide comes next! 

I have 3 options floating around for guide #2 (after short hamstrings)- so if there's one you would rather see sooner than later, let me know in the comments. Here they are and many thanks liberated people!!

  • Raising embodied kids
  • Temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (aka jaw dysfunction)
  • Low back pain

Awesome Transformers photo by Nur Hussein