DIY Friday: Therapy Balls Vs. Lacrosse Balls Vs. Foam Rollers

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*Do it yourself! Every Friday we do a roundup of great posts, videos, or other resources around a theme that help people to turn their bodies from cranky to happy.*

This DIY Friday I'll point you all to an article I put up on Breaking Muscle this week where I get into the difference between Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls (my self care tool of choice), and the two other most prevalent tools; the lacrosse ball and the foam roller. I get asked about this all the time, so here you go! Complete with a research study and everything... All that information lives here. 


Also,  just last night I had the great good fortune to also be pointed to one of my Yoga Tune Up colleague's hilarious and fantastic videos about, you guessed it, the balls. We love our balls in the YTU world. So for some funny ha ha, here is Amanda Zerbini's  video: