Let Freedom Ring: A Knee Recovery Story

christine_head_shot4aWe're kicking off a new series here at The FFF; The Let Freedom Ring series! I'll be talking to people who have healed from a wide variety of injuries and chronic pain conditions to better spread the hope around (you can get better!!) In this first interview of the series I talk with Yoga Tune Up® teacher Christine Jablonski about her nasty knee injury, the repercussions that it had 15 years after the injury, and how she's managed to not only keep all her own parts (knee replacements are unpleasant people), but to become even more functional and mobile over time. Check out the video to hear her story, and stay tuned to this week's DIY Friday as Christine will be back with some videos on how you can work on your own knee rehabilitation! Below the video is a timeline of what we talk about when.

:59 Christine talks about how her knees were pre-injury and that she was very athletic

1:10 The skiing accident that took her knee out

1:27 What the injury actually did to her knee and the structures that were injured

2:00 The surgery that required a lot more than she or her surgeons originally thought.

2:09 Her rehabilitation regimen as strictly a "strengthen and tighten" protocol in an attempt to keep the knee stable.

2:28 Her surgeons doom and glood proclamation about the future of her knee.

2:50 When the proclamation started to come true.

3:09 The search to get her knee healthy again, and 3 different surgeons opinions.

3:38 Her frustration that none of the surgeons were able to give her any tools to figure out a path to healing (other than surgery)

3:48 Christine’s big breakthrough question: “Why after the accident did I have cartilage and now 15 yrs later I don’t?” and where the answer led her.

3:59 How a purely strengthening and tightening rehabilitation program all those years ago was her downfall many years later.

4:09 Give the joint space to breathe!

4:34 The ignored adductors

4:39 The beginning of finding her own healing journey and what that looked like.

5:00 She’s been able to keep all her own parts! No knee replacement required!

5:19 How she actually has MORE strength and mobility in it now. It’s not just holding steady

5:56 And her back came along for the party too!

6:20 The other therapies besides yoga and Yoga Tune Up that helped her to heal

7:02 Why it takes a village to get better

7:20 The fear that gets wrapped up in pain and the importance of managing that

7:38 What she’s playing with and experimenting with now (Krav Maga, Crossfit, other kinds of movement) in order to move away from the knee fear and making the knee “special”. How those movement experiences have integrated things.

The end!


P.S. You can find Christine at Quiet Corner Body Studio

P.P.S Do you have an amazing story of healing!? I would love to hear it. You can email me at brooke [at] fasciafreedomfighters[dot]com