Let's liberate some bodies!

8454231272_d9b6a620f6_cI’ve been in the manual therapy field (as a Rolfing® practitioner) for 12 years now, and have been on the other side of the table for about 16 years. It’s not exactly a lifetime, but it’s certainly enough time that through this journey, first as someone who desperately wanted to get better (I do my work because it helped me to recover from 22 years of chronic pain and mobility issues that resulted from a birth injury), and then later as a practitioner, I have had a chance to watch shifts in the- to use the best umbrella term for everything we’ll cover here at Fascia Freedom Fighters (FFF)- “make bodies better” fields.

That said, I built FFF because, brace yourselves while I whip out the italics, something big is happening right now. There is a sea change happening which, I believe, involves more and more people becoming embodied, taking on their own self care to address or prevent injuries, pain, and a decline from aging, and generally seeking a return to a more natural human state. As in; moving well and often, eating food that is food, and believing in and therefore seeking out a body that can be pain free, mobile, and capable.

The unfortunate current reality is that our species is more unwell than at any other time in history from preventable and largely self-inflicted dis-ease. I’m not trying to shame anyone, I spent most of my life literally not knowing that having a pain-free body was an option, and my entire motivation for making FFF is so that more people can discover how to feel good (amazing) in their bodies. But if you look around you’ll see an obese and overfed people who are ironically malnourished, people stuck in their desk chair for 40 to 80 hours of their week to stare at a screen, a culture that treats hip and knee replacements like an inevitable stage of aging, and, very dear to our hearts here, the vast majority of the population suffering from chronic pain somewhere on the scale from low grade agitation to full on debilitating. In fact, there are more American adults suffering from chronic pain than are affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined. Yikes.

Yet I believe that what is emerging out of the debris of bodies feeling, to generalize, pretty dang unpleasant is a renewed interest in this thing that carries our brains around from the conference room to the cubicle; Ahem, our bodies. Brilliant systems for addressing this cultural body malaise like Tune Up Fitness® (Yoga Tune Up®), The MELT® Method, The Restorative Exercise Institute™, Functional Movement Systems™ (oh boy I could go on and on here), or big ongoing conversations about self care like the one going on at Mobility WOD™, are popping up everywhere. Not to mention a renewed interest in the myriad of systems that restore health that have been around for a long while, and also the places and events where people can really lean in and challenge their bodies, whether at the local yoga studio, or the local Crossfit (or the somewhat local Tough Mudder...)

In fact, as I write this I am sitting in my Rolfing office where the latest issue of IDEA Fitness Journal has been delivered. Is their cover article for spring- our season of emerging from winter coats and wearing less clothing- about leaner thighs? Or a firmer butt? Nope. It’s a major self care piece: Break Free of Chronic Stress: Exploring Fibromyalgia. From a fitness journal!? Yep folks, I believe this is just another sign of many that we are entering an era of caring for our bodies, and from there exploring the myriad of ways we can delight in it when it’s not totally bumming us out.

And because this is my career, and I am relentlessly curious, I get to see all this cool stuff that is either emerging or simply being better attended and utilized these days. Well, suffice it to say it finally occurred to me that there needed to be some kind of home for all this goodness to live so that anyone can find their way to information that will help them to be happier in their bodies. And so FFF was born! If you’re tired of the cranky, slouchy, and ouchy, or are just a big ole body nerd, you should come hang out with us (*wink. *nod: you can subscribe so you don’t miss any of the goodness) We'll be interviewing the thought leaders in the "make bodies better" fields, and will be pulling all kinds of juicy information from the wide array of voices on these topics. It’s going to be fun!

Photo by thesuperheroquest