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DIY Friday: Combating T Rex Arms Part 2

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*Do it yourself! Every Friday we do a roundup of great posts, videos, or other resources around a theme that help people to turn their bodies from cranky to happy.*

3194747923_59c6c04f98_zHowdy! On last week's round up we began to look at some therapy ball help for those wound up, bound up forearms and the elbow tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome that so often come along with them. This week we're looking at the same thing but from a movement perspective. Both are fab ways to tackle the issue and I like them (therapy balls and movement) best as a combo platter.

Note: as Sue Hitzmann remarked in her video on last week's DIY Friday, sometimes stretching carpal tunnel syndrome can just agitate things. So if your nerves are currently all gummed up and inflamed, you may want to start with therapy balls and progress to these movements from there. Or give the movements a shot and see how you do with them, but listen to your body!

First here's a little mini Yoga Tune Up® video that I made for you of the fantastic shoulder and arm unraveller, Dancing with Myself (ha ha now you have the song stuck in your head!):


Secondly, here's Willow Ryan on Breaking Muscle going over some great stretching and strengthening movements:

Now you and your computer can be better friends!

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DIY Friday: Combating T Rex Arms (and elbow tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome)

diyfriday (2)

*Do it yourself! Every Friday we do a roundup of great posts, videos, or other resources around a theme that help people to turn their bodies from cranky to happy.*

6466222045_5cb6cc05d0_bLately my life seems to be all about pretty large quantities of seeing people in my Rolfing® practice and working on the computer. Which leaves me over here with the T Rex arms. You know, the forearms that have gotten so tight that my whole arm is shriveling up into itself. It's super sexy. It's also a big giant red flag of elbow tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome on the horizon (not to mention what that strain does to a neck and thoracic inlet). So I've been on top of my stuff and working my forearms every day which is helping tremendously. And since we live in a T Rex arms kind of a culture, I thought I'd share some of my favorite resources out there. There are so many that I'm going to break this into a 2 parter, so tune in for more goodies next Friday (Or hey now! You could subscribe so you don't miss any FFF treats!). This week is the "therapy balls gone wild" portion of the programming, next week we'll get into movement that you can use to open and strengthen your arms and hands.

For all the manual therapists, power lifters, and those chained to a computer or smart phone (99.9% of us), this one's going out to you!

We'll kick off the party with a couple of great videos from Sue Hitzmann, creator of theMELT Method®. First she talks about why stretching the wrist itself might prove agitating if your nerves are inflamed, and what to stretch instead (video courtesy of Wellcast Academy):

And here's Sue again showing some of her MELT Method techniques for working the hands, wrists, and forearms:


Lastly, Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD shows some of my favorite ways to work the forearm with therapy balls (they're using lacrosse balls, but I vastly prefer the Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls, I'll put out a whole post on why soon...). And I'm not going to lie, I'm very intrigued by the Arm Aid gadget that they pull out towards the end. I'm not usually a big gadget person, but this one looks compelling:

Use the resources, keep the roar, lose the (T Rex) arms.

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