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Why Fascia Matters

why-fascia-matters-cover-300A few months ago I put a post up on Breaking Muscle, The Top 5 Ways Fascia Matters to Athletesand I was delighted to hear from so many wonderful teachers, practitioners, and trainers who wanted to use the article with the clients/patients/students. So I decided to edit and very much expand on that article- and to of course address the reality that fascia matters to everyone who is living in a body, not just athletes...-and I created a free resource for people so they could do just that.

Why Fascia Matters is a free ebook which you can download, print out, share, use as a micro textbook in classes, turn into a festive hat, scatter into the wind and pretend you are a hosting a ticker tape parade- whatever floats your boat. You can download it here. 

Here are the chapters so you can get a feel for what is covered. It is intended as a short and informal guide to how fascia impacts our ability to live well in our bodies and how we can best recover from and avoid pain, injury, and erosion. Much of the current research is covered and cited throughout.


1) Meet Fascia: A definition of this tissue system and why it is getting so much attention these days. 2) It’s All Connected: Changing our viewpoint from seeing ourselves as assembled parts to a unified organism. 3) How We Actually Move: Just as there are no local problems, there are also no local movements. 4) A Masterpiece of Tensegrity Architecture: The way the entire structure balances and distributes stresses. 5) The Domino Effect: Understanding the dreaded compensatory pattern. 6) A Fluid Tensegrity System: How fascia is both a support structure and a fluid structure. 7) Its Springiness Wants to Help You Out: How and why to nourish the elastic quality of fascia. 8) Variation Matters: We become the shapes and movements we make most of the time. 9) The Original Information Superhighway: Fascia as our most important perceptual organ 10) Loving Your Fascia: Now that you better understand it, here’s how to best take care of it!

Again, you can grab it for free here. 

You may notice this is also the much anticipated (heh heh, to me anyway) launch of Liberated Body Guides! Hooray! It exists! Stay tuned for upcoming books which will not be in ebook format as Why Fascia Matters is, but will instead be available in print and on Kindle and iBooks. Stay tuned!