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DIY Friday: Good Times with the Pelvic Floor, for the Ladies AND the Dudes

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*Do it yourself! Every Friday we do a roundup of great posts, videos, or other resources around a theme that help people to turn their bodies from cranky to happy.*

Let me tell you what happens when you put up a post on diastasis recti, you then spend the next week chatting about and getting asked about all kinds of other "ladies makin' babies" related structural questions. In my email inbox, chilling on the beach with friends, on Facebook... questions are popping up all over the place, and they're all centered around the pelvic floor. What I didn't expect is that they seem to also be popping up related to the dudes, which I found fascinating.  Well, as always I am delighted to put on my super sleuth hat and see what information and resources I can find.

Both men and women who have children know that there is much postpartum talk about pelvic floor issues, or what is otherwise known as "peeing when sneezing, laughing, or jumping rope". (At best. At worst we're talking prolapsed uterus, yikes). Men who have had a child with a woman know all about this because they have to hear about it, and women know about it, duh, because they've lived it. Not all of them mind you (I have been mercifully spared this particular postpartum problem), but many. As with Diastasis Recti, it is becoming something people assume is the norm. (It's not.)

8541439551_b07fa687f8_bSo I think both because there is this vocal conversation going on around women and pelvic floor issues because of what is an obvious cause (birthin' babies), and also because men don't typically talk about their stuff, especially when it's tied to their, ahem, masculinity, that they get left out of the pelvic floor party. Well welcome to the party boys! I've turned up all kinds of fascinating info that pertains to you too, so if you're having pelvic pain (it often feels like pressure in the pelvic floor, or hips, or, um, burning pain when urinating after sex anyone?) read on:

Again, huge gratitude to the genius of Katy Bowman for this week's round up. I seem to be on a Bowman binge. Perhaps because I will be embarking on her training soon, but more likely just because she's a freaky alignment goddess.

  • First up: this one is for both men and women, and while it may rob you of your beloved Kegels (which Bowman classifies as a pelvic floor weakening exercise- the jury's still out for me on that one, I need to examine it a bit more) it will give you alternatives: read 1, 2, 3, 4, We Like Our Pelvic Floor here. 
  • Next, this article is targeted to the women-folk, but much of the information pertains to men too. While men might not need to fret about throwing out their high heels, they do need yet another lecture about sitting on their tuberosities instead of their sacrum. Because boy howdy I lecture my clients on that endlessly: Read 4 Fast Fixes for Pelvic Floor Dysfunction here. 
  • DUDES! Don't worry, I have one just for you. I found this fascinating and I bet giving this a read will save a lot of men from a long winded medical run around trying to figure out what the pain their pelvis is stemming from: Read Mojo and the Painful Pelvis here.

Go liberate those pelvic floors and have some fun people!