Where is the Top of Your Spine?

11964621245_b2965f0d49_zI have a longstanding pattern of forward head positioning. And I have a job where I lean over people much of the time. And I participate in a culture that uses these pesky smartphones and laptops that have us leaning down all the time. Grrr! Fortunately my Alexander Technique teacher, Rachel Bernsen, has given me a great cue that helps me to feel my head supported on top of my body. Well she's given me many fantastic cues, but this is one I come back to many times throughout my workday. Thanks Rachel! This is for any of you out there who are starting to feel a kinship with vultures...

*Update 3/3/14: My fantastic Alexander teacher, Rachel (linked above) and I had a great conversation come out of this post, and I realized it was important to add that information here. So- the actual location of the A/O joint is back between the ears. When she cues me, she is touching my ears here, so that I can get a sense for where the joint actually moves from. When I put this video up of me touching under my cheekbones (zygomatic arches in the hiz-ouse!), what I am referencing is the level of the A/O, not the actual location. So I am talking about where on your cranium you can feel to reference the height of the top of your spine, and she is cuing where the joint actually sits and moves from. Hope that specificity helps!

Photo by Jaci XIII