Amanda Joyce: Parkinson's Disease and Movement as Powerful Medicine (LBP 029)

Amanda Joyce runs a corrective exercise and personal training company and specializes as a Parkinson’s Disease Movement Disorder Specialist. I loved talking to Amanda as she is in a field where people can often specialize in looking hotter in jeans, but she has instead devoted herself to a community that can often feel pretty hopeless in the movement department. When people are diagnosed with a progressive and incurable disease process they can feel swallowed up by an inevitable downward spiral and lose sight of the fact that there are any resources in addition to drugs and surgery that can help them. My interview with Amanda highlights how powerful smart movement can be as a healing tool, and also talks about her own process of living with scleroderma.




Show notes

*Please forgive the much abbreviated show notes this week. I just plain didn't get my transcript to come together in time, but listen in because here are some of the highlights: 

How a diagnosis itself (particularly of an autoimmune disease) can feel hopeless and disabling.

While it is only recently being highlighted, there is actually a lot you can do to improve your quality of life and reduce your decline in mobility.

A definition of Parkinson's and what TRAP stands for in terms of Parkinson's symptoms.

Why people shouldn't wait until they are experiencing significant mobility problems before seeking out help with their movement.

The challenges with shifting into a more parasympathetic state.

The Roll Model therapy ball work on the feet for people with Parkinson's (and the treat your feet campaign!)

Head carrying for alignment help.

How to think big in movement.

Learning how not to over-rely on your eyes to know where you are in space and move through space.

The process of realizing you live in a body.

Amanda's process of learning to heal her scleroderma and how it re-introduced her to her own body.

The power of hope and willingness to try.

How getting to know our bodies better permeates into our whole lives.

Home play!

Balance! If you know you are seriously balance-challenged and you always look right at the ground wherever you are walking- then your home play is simply to look at the horizon line and to notice your peripheral vision while walking. Slow your pace. Let your feet do the job of feeling the ground and mapping the terrain for you. And if you want to play with balance more or are not usually balance-challenged, grab a 2X4, find a curb or a post or a branch or anything outside and simply walk on it, arms relaxed at your sides, without looking at your feet.Llet your feet do the job of finding where you are. Close your eyes when you are feeling bold (but be careful)! This is a big education for our feet, and a big education for maintaining balance through life. As i always say, the best time to prepare for when you’re 80...


Amanda Joyce

The Roll Model (Yoga Tune Up) therapy balls

Head carrying from Esther Gokhale


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