Changes Brewing

liberated-body-podcast-300Sadly there is no podcast today as things are shape-shifting in juicy ways here over at Liberated Body HQ (it’s very glamorous- lots of empty tea mugs, piles of paper and books, and an archery target fashioned out of yoga blocks and paper for my son...). I’ll just come right out and say it- I’m sorry! I left last week’s episode saying I would be “back next Liberated Tuesday”, and when I handed that episode in to my sound production guy (Hi Tom!) that was what I intended. But have you ever had ideas that keep itching at you until you just need to pay attention to them? It’s been one of those weeks. So here’s what’s changing, why, when I’ll be back, and what new goodies are coming up for you:

What’s changing:

The episodes will be shape-shifting a little bit, mainly just by virtue of the fact that I will be spending more time editing and producing them in order to give them the level of craft and attention that they deserve. The 40,000 moments of awe that I have within every conversation deserve a better container, so I’m going to shoot for that. I’m new to this, so we’ll see how that all unfolds!

Since that’s a journey that I’m on over here,  it’s probably more important to tell you what’s not changing:

What’s not changing:

The brilliant, lovely, inspiring people I have been talking to will not go away! I will still be talking to body nerds extraordinaire.

This will still be a show that very much celebrates getting to know this wondrous thing we live in (Hey! That also happens to be the show’s new tagline...)

Which brings me to why:

Besides wanting to pay attention to a higher level of craft for the podcast, there is other stuff that has been itching at me. I can only really describe it through how I felt concluding my first experience with Rolfing, 17 years ago.

When I did my first Rolfing series I showed up there so broken. I was 22 and had grown up with pain and mobility issues, so I was your basic desperation case. When I completed my 10 series, I was radically different. My Rolfer, Joe Wheatley, had a journal there that people could write a little something in as they left their 10th session. I’m paraphrasing because I haven’t seen that journal in a long time, but what I basically wrote was, “Thank you for introducing me to myself.”

I could have written: “My constant neck, back, jaw, and sacroiliac pain is gone. I can eat solid food again. I went out for a run today for the first time in my adult life. I feel light years better.” All of those things were true, and I was grateful as hell for every single one of them. But what I chose to write was, “Thank you for introducing me to myself.”

The upside of having a birth injury and then growing up with pain and dysfunction is that I really didn’t know what it was like to live in my body. I knew what it was like to be bothered by my body, and then ignore it some more, and then be bothered again, and on and on. In my 20’s my body’s complaining got loud enough that I couldn’t ignore it and so I was “forced” to pay attention. As I got better what was unveiled was the concept that I even had a body... it was totally novel. And so, so f*cking exciting and, well, liberating that I can’t even describe what that was like.

I don’t think I’m alone. Birth injury or not, pain or not, we live in a culture that is really disembodied. Most of us get introduced to our physical selves somewhere a ways down the road from where we begin.

The Liberated Body Podcast started out in more of a how-to vein, but thanks to the wonderful guests I’ve talked to and thanks in large part to how all of you as listeners have shaped it, it has become about a deeper relationship with our bodies. One that transcends “stop hurting now” and “perform better now”(both of which are totally valid, and both of which I think to myself several times a week...)

But here’s what I want to highlight more- the raw, unbridled awe that comes from a different place. The, “Holy shit! I’m alive! I have a body! What does that mean!? What can it do!?” that starts to seep in when we dip our toes into the infinite universe inside of us. It still manages to constantly feel like being let in on a miraculous secret.

We’ll still talk about things that help us to stop hurting and to perform better, but the thrust behind that will be- I hope- wonder, awe, and excitement.

The logistics:

I’m still over here doing my Liberated Body thing. I’ve been conducting interviews with amazing folks as usual (Frank Forencich! Ged Sumner! Jessica Wolf! Jamie McHugh!), but since I knew I was wanting to really craft the episodes more attentively I didn’t want to keep pushing episodes out the door. Instead I’m working on those while I lean into this new learning curve. I'm not sure when I'll be back (eek!) but my hope is it will only be a few weeks. I'll keep the Facebook page and Twitter updated as things evolve.

This also means that I’m not sure how often I will be able to produce new episodes. I’ve been managing weekly episodes with my Rolfing practice and being a mama, but the increased production time might make for a longer interval between episodes. But maybe not- we’ll see!

Many of you have still been sending me ideas for shows and guests, and I’m still delighted to hear all of those! I’m at

Upcoming goodies:

Other stuff is in the pipeline including some website tweaks, potential sponsors for the show, and opportunities for listeners to both support the show and to be more a part of it. Looking at each one:

The website: Probably not that exciting to you, but I look forward to a micro-makeover that will better reflect the show’s direction.

The sponsors: The podcast is important to me and I want to dedicate myself to it as full time as I can, which means I need to earn some income from it- because I don’t have a magical trust fund hiding anywhere. The obvious answer is to get sponsors/advertisers which I wasn’t that psyched about until I remembered that this is my show and I can do what I want with it! Hooray! There is no boss-man who is going to tell me I have to advertise herbal penis enlargement pills...

I have had several advertisers reach out to me and so far I have said no to everyone because they just didn’t feel like a fit (no penis enlargers in the group, but lots of nutraceuticals and exercise equipment). I am currently reaching out to brands who I already adore giving a shout out to, so we’ll see.

For you!: Once I have gotten into a rhythm after re-launching the podcast I will have opportunities for listeners to support the show and to get goodies back for their support. Sure, some of those things will be small gestures like a t-shirt, but there will be other bigger goodies like a monthly hang out for a small group of body nerds where we can all talk together about what’s left floating around in our brains from each episode. Stay tuned!

Whew. Big doin’s. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and thanks so much for being on the ride with me. Oh and, as always, keep on making the world a more embodied place : ).

P.S. The guides? Yes, I had planned to produce a whole library of guides, and some of you were waiting for the next installment. For now I’m going to try on this novel thing I’ve heard about called focus and really dig into making the podcast as amazing as it can be. The fate of the guides will evolve from there.