The Future of Liberated Body?

Those of you who are listening to season 4 have probably heard me say that this is Liberated Body’s last season. (Gah!) A number of you have reached out asking what that means, or simply wishing me goodness in whatever’s next, and so I’ve wanted to write a post explaining what’s up. So here we go! 

First, to those of you who have gotten in touch to tell me how much Liberated Body means to you and who have wished me well in future adventures- thank you! When you make projects on your laptop in your living room it is such nectar to hear from the real humans who are interacting with the work after I toss it out into the internets (onto the internets?). This project has given me the chance to both in-person and e-meet so many delightful, creative, inquisitive, and joyful people all over the world. It regularly blows my mind. 

For those of you who have donated to supporting the show through this and any prior seasons, I am endlessly grateful. I earn my living in my Rolfing practice still, so every penny you’ve donated goes into making the show- either paying my producer, or paying for the software I need to broadcast and store the show. Thank you thank you thank you. I can’t say it enough.

Now… as for the future of the show. If you have been a Liberated Body listener for a while you probably know that I am a believer in letting my projects lead me instead of me leading them. You can hear a lot about that in the interview Bo Forbes did of me at the end of season 3. I’ve tried leading my projects! Believe me! I just find that they lead me to much better places than I can come up with. All things go more smoothly and juicily when I let the intelligence of the project find its own way. So I do my best to relinquish my imagined control… 

This project is still leading me around, so I don’t actually know what shape it will take eventually, but here’s where things are at right now

When I began season 4 I anticipated that Liberated Body would have one more season and then live on as an audio archive of body nerdery on iTunes and the website going forward. Right now that is still the thought, but I’m also sitting with how it might live on. And I’m still in the midst of recording interviews for season 4, so new conversations will continue for a while.

I continue to be in the process of writing a book proposal (Hey book agents and publishers! Email me!) which will turn the most insightful moments of Liberated Body into an inspiring in-print collection dedicated to how vast, unknowable, and wondrous our bodies are- straight from the mouths of the somatic visionaries I get to talk to on the show. 

I’ve pondered ways to have more group conversations online (i.e. not just me interviewing someone, but more like my moderating a conversation among peers- kind of like what I did in person for Beyond Anatomy recently at The Breathing Project), but so far nothing has stuck. I’m feeling into it, but I have to see what emerges. I’ll keep you posted as it evolves and matures.

Now to the question, “why is this the last season of the show?” 

This show has definitely led me to places I did not anticipate that it would. It started as, and continues to be, a learning-in-public project. For that I’m grateful. What I’ve learned from all the bright and exquisitely talented people who I have had the great good fortune to interview has changed the way I see everything- not just the body.

At first, back in the early stages of Liberated Body, I thought I would be able to collect all the best models for working with the body and distill them into some ultimate truth that I could pass along. Do you remember the 30-Day Challenge (aka the Movement Cleanse) and the Liberated Body Guides? Those were my attempts to take what I’d learned and apply it to specific needs or concerns. There are a lot of people who do that work, and I am grateful that it exists. But in the end it wound up being too intellectual an exercise for me and I just couldn’t bring myself to persist in it. 

Instead, and surprisingly, as I have continued to dive under and under and under many layers of assumptions about the body, I have found fuel for my spiritual practice (I had always put my “body learning” and my spiritual life in separate compartments, but they wound up being the same thing). Connecting with the knowing of the body has brought tremendous healing and clarity to my life. Those of you who have tuned into Bliss + Grit have gotten a peek at that particular experiencing-in-public project. 

In my work these days my great love really sits with guiding people (and myself) into a deepening experience of their bodies, and how connecting with that kind of intimate felt-sense of the body allows people’s most genuine lives to unfold. You can probably see that shift in the kinds of interviews popping up in the current season. That seems to be the place of deepest satisfaction for me right now, so I expect that I’ll continue creating Bliss + Grit with my bestie and co-creator Vanessa Scotto, and working with her doing group facilitated work. I also work individually with clients for… whatever you want to call it- spiritual mentoring or coaching seem to be the least-terrible names I have for it now. 

If you’re interested in following along with that vein of my work and getting updates when I do run any events you can check out Bliss + Grit, or go to my personal website and subscribe for updates. And of course I will keep you all posted on any changes in Liberated Body as things emerge. 

So- that’s where I’m at these days! Big gratitude to all of you. I’m so glad to know you’re all out there doing your good work to connect people to their bodies. Keep on making the world a more embodied place!