Original Strength: Getting Back to the Beginning of Movement (LBP001)

Do you want to know how moving like an infant can get you super strong and resilient? If you're interested in  how brain development and movement intertwine, reject the idea that aging has to be a downward spiral, and are interested in whole-body, jargon-free, straightforward approaches to natural human movement, well then episode 1 with Tim Anderson and Geoff Neupert of Original Strength is for you.

Give it a listen: Original Strength: Getting Back to the Beginning of Movement (LBP 001)

Show notes:

Almost all of life’s issues could be combated and defeated if we could regain our simple movement patterns and engage in them on a regular basis. If our body is truly connected from the inside out then everything is truly more efficient- most of the issues we have medications for could be solved by going back to moving the way we were designed to move.

The "800 Pound Gorilla In The Room", or mobility and stability work. What the mobility/stability approach looks like, how the joint-by-joint approach is flawed, and how reflexive stability is their approach, and what reflexive stability means.

Definition: "Reflexive Stability" is the natural subconscious ability to anticipate movement; making the right joints mobile at the right time and stable at the right times and contracting the muscles that surround those joints at the right times and at the right speeds and with the right amount of force. It's our "spidey senses".

Babies move from the womb state of flexion into extension until they are standing and walking and that's what develops reflexive stability.

Chair as an artificial womb- your body is contorted and returns back into flexion.  Spending a lifetime seated degrades your reflexes and your reflexive stability.

How traditional ab exercises won’t get you a strong core, and what will.

If we master head control, then we master balance, posture, and coordination.

How screens and looking down at them as well as sitting with your head protruding forward changes the entire dynamic of how your whole body moves.

Every muscle in your body is connected to your vestibular system which lives in your head.

What the back-up camera in your car has to do with becoming a Wall-E human (see the video clip below under resources).

How a lot of this information had been previously been applied in the areas of learning disabilities, brain development, and brain rehabilitation, and why they looked to these fields to bring it to the fitness world.

The bridge between movement and brain development- how we're actually regressing our brain development in our under-moving culture.

How contralateral movements connect the left and right hemispheres of the brain and develop new neural connections.

Geoff let's it slip that Tim once crawled for one mile!

3 types of crawling in Original Strength: baby, leopard, and spiderman. The reason beyond brain development, is it literally ties the whole body together.

Why crawl when we're meant to walk?

Rocking and crawling to set your lumbar curve and your cervical curve

Why you shouldn't settle for a miserable aging experience. How you can defy the odds and societal norms.

Geoff Neupert talks about his journey out of multiple injuries and pain for 20+ years and how at 41 he's reaching physical goals now that he's never reached before.

Why play and joyful movement are emphasized in their work, and why getting brave enough to get back down on the floor and act like a kid is a key to getting ridiculously resilient and strong.

Home movement play! Try out crawling- see if the contralateral movement comes naturally and if it's natural to keep your head up or if it wants to drop down. Have fun!



Orignal Strength- book

 The Well-Balanced Child by Sally Goddard Blythe- book

Smart Movesby Carla Hannaford- book

That great scene in Wall-E (at minute 1:05):