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It's a Self-Care, Movement Scavenger Hunt, Holiday Giveaway Spectacular! (LBP 026)

gift boxesThis week is a little different, instead of interviewing someone on the podcast, I am instead explaining our Self-Care, Movement Scavenger Hunt, Holiday Giveaway Spectacular! It's going to be... spectacular! Starting this Friday (November 28th) every day for 9 days we will have a movement scavenger hunt, and whoever posts the funniest/sweetest/most creative/most inventive video or photo to the Liberated Body Facebook page wins that day's self-care giveaway! You can listen to this week's episode for more information, or simply scroll below the episode screen to see all the juicy details.




Here's how it will all work

The Movement Scavenger Hunt:

In the Liberated Body 30-Day Challenge (the next one is coming up for the month of January- yaaaaaay!) we always finish things up with a movement scavenger hunt. So for our Self-Care Holiday Giveaway Spectacular, I will be pulling that out of the 30-Day Challenge and we will just be playing with that piece.

"What's a movement scavenger hunt!?" Each day we have a different movement "assignment" or "clue" (see below to see what each day's movement is), and we have to find as many creative ways as possible to accomplish it in that day. It's a super fun way to see the world as you playground while also refreshing your movement repertoire. It also happens to have the side effect of producing some fantastic photos and/or short videos while we play with our fellow body nerds on the Facebook page. Submit yours for each day of the hunt and you can win the self-care giveaway of the day.

The Self-Care Giveaways:

Every day for 9 days I am giving away a pretty sweet self-care gift. These are some of my favorites from the podcast this year, so be sure to post your photos or videos to the Facebook page!

Day 1: A copy of Katy Bowman's new book Move Your DNA and one of her "Think Outside the Chair" posters. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... well we should probably think outside the chair, right? Imagine that all the chairs in your life were to vanish for just this one day. What positions would you use to rest? How well-acquainted might you get with your floor? What does eating dinner or studying or visiting with friends look like?

Day 2: A lifetime membership to Udaya! When I spoke with Jules Mitchell about her research on the science of stretching a lot of people got in touch asking what it might look like in practical application to an asana practice. Well Jules just finished filming hundreds of hours of footage of this with Udaya, but the thing is it's not ready yet. Fortunately, the two have teamed up to offer this sweet deal which ensures that you not only get Jules' content hot off the press once it's ready, but you also get access to all of Udaya's fantastic programs. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... carry! Check the Facebook page for inspiration.

Day 3: Todd Hargrove's new book, A Guide to Better Movement, and  a copy of Jae Gruenke's Core Action Program Plus (this is likely to especially of interest to all you runners out there). You can think of it as our motor control/Feldenkrais bonanza day. Today's scavenger hunt movement is: climb over things!

Day 4: Jill Miller's new book, The Roll Model, and all the therapy balls you need to be able to put the book to its best use. You get a pair of original (small), a pair of plus (medium), an alpha (large), and the Coregeous ball which is the air-filled ball for core work. Self-massage for life with this package! Today's scavenger hunt movement is... climb under things!

Day 5: Jonathan FitzGordon's CoreWalking program which includes his 2 books: Psoas Release Party! and Sciatica/Piriformis Syndrome, a 5 DVD set with the curriculum for changing up your gait pattern so that you experience more ease and less pain, and a video analysis of your walk from Jonathan himself. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... balance!

Day 6: Check out Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching's eccentric training program which gives you gains in strength and flexibility via their 2 DVDs and their flashcards. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... hang!

Day 7:  Dr. Eric Goodman created Foundation Training to eradicate back pain. Today's giveaway will be their DVD set. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... jump!

Day 8: Original Strength's DVD and the Original Strength Restoration book. Today's scavenger hunt movement is... throw!

Day 9: But of course I have to include Liberated Body's own Guide to Short HamstringsToday's scavenger hunt movement is... squat!

Again, all of this will take place on our Facebook page, so come over to play! Every day I will have a more information on the giveaway of the day, and I will post the day's movement each morning.  Then all you have to do is post your photos and videos. It also has the delightful side effect of inspiring more movement when you get to see what everyone else is up to in the scavenger hunt.

See you in the scavenger hunt!


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