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Chronic Pain





Living Your Body's Intelligence: A Home-Play Episode (LBP 071)

The Farewell Episode (LBP 070)

Posture, Perception, and Presence with Mary Bond (2nd interview) (LBP 069)

The Realization Process with Judith Blackstone (LBP 068)

Your Movement is Your Lived Experience with Peter Blackaby (LBP 067)

Breath, Inquiry, and Individuality with Leslie Kaminoff (LBP 066)

Personal Agency, Movement, and Teaching with Amy Matthews (LBP 065)

Movement Matters with Katy Bowman (LBP 064)

Embodied Living with Mark Walsh (LBP 063)

Beyond Anatomy (LBP 062)


How Liberated Body Changed Me with Brooke Thomas (LBP 061)

How Mindful Body Awareness Heals with Cynthia Price (LBP 060)

The Architecture of Living Tissue with Jean-Claude Guimberteau (LBP 059)

Parkour with Julie Angel (LBP 058)

Your Body Is Your Soul with Jaap van der Wal (LBP 057)

Embodied Cognition and Health with Dr. Cathy Kerr (LBP 056)

A New Paradigm of Anatomy with John Sharkey (LBP 055)

The End of the Structural Model? with Eyal Lederman (LBP 054)

Interoception in Practice with Bo Forbes (LBP 053)

Interoception, Contemplative Practice, and Health with Norm Farb (LBP 052)

Discovering The Line with Will Johnson (LBP 051)

Stop Mindless Stretching with Steve Gangemi (LBP 050)

Connective Tissue and Inflammation with Dr. Helene Langevin (LBP 049)


The Biotensegrity Events and Fascia Research Congress (LBP 048)

Born to Walk with James Earls (LBP 047)

The Spark in the Machine with Daniel Keown (LBP 046)

How We Form and Move with Joanne Avison (LBP 045)

Taking on Chairs as a Public Health Crisis with Juliet Starrett (LBP 044)

Making Classrooms Movement Friendly with Richard Brennan and Patricia Pyrka (LBP 043)

Physical Disempowerment of Infants and Children with Kathleen Porter (LBP 042)

The Long Body with Frank Forencich (LBP 041)

Navigating Pain with Neil Pearson (LBP 040)

Natural Born Heroes with Christopher McDougall (LBP 039)

The Bliss of Your Biology with Ged Sumner (LBP 038)

Embodied Mindfulness with Jamie McHugh (LBP 037)


Barbara Loomis: Uterine Wisdom (LBP 036)

Dr. Stephen Levin: Biotensegrity (LBP 035)

Judith Aston: Our Relationship to  Our Bodies and Their Relationship to the World (LBP 034)

Eyal Lederman: The Myth of Core Stability (LBP 033)

Dr. Steve Gangemi: Raising the Bar for What “Healthy” Actually Means (LBP 032)

Gil Hedley: Exploring Inner Space (LBP 031)

Dr. Carolyn McMakin: The Resonance of Repair (LBP 030)

Amanda Joyce: Parkinson’s Disease and Movement as Powerful Medicine (LBP 029)

Mary Bond: Posture is an Exploration (LBP 028)

Michol Dalcourt: What Does Training the Whole Body Really Mean? (LBP 027)

It’s A Self-Care, Movement Scavenger Hunt, Holiday Giveaway Spectacular! (LBP 026)

Todd Hargrove: Pain Science and How to Be A Happy Mover (LBP 025)

Jill Miller: The Roll Model (LBP 024)

Gary Ward: What the Foot? (LBP 023)

Anne Tierney: Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching (LBP 022)

Sayonara Short Hamstrings with Jules Mitchell, Dr. Dawn McCrory, Jillian Nicol, and Rachel Bernsen (LBP 021)

Katy Bowman: Move Your DNA (LBP 020)

Constance Clare-Newman: Alexander Technique (LBP 019)

Jonathan FitzGordon: Psoas Release Party! (LBP 018)

Bo Forbes: Mindfulness Expressed in the Body (LBP 017)

Darryl Edwards: Primal Play (LBP 016)

Steve Haines: Body Maps and Interoception (LBP 015)

Judith Hanson Lasater: The Power of Restoration (LBP 014)

David Weinstock: Neurokinetic Therapy and Motor Control Theory (LBP 013)

Valerie Berg: Structural Aging At Any Age (LBP 012)

Tom Myers: Mapping the Anatomy of Connection (LBP 011)

Matthew Lacoste: Journeying Through the History of Massage (LBP 010)

Jules Mitchell: The Science of Stretching (LBP 009)

Nancy DeLucrezia: How Bodies Change (LBP 008)

Britt Johnson: Thriving From a Chronic Patient’s Perspective (LBP 007)

Matthew Remski: What Are We Actually Doing In Asana? (LBP 006)

Erwan LeCorre: Evolutionary Fitness (LBP 005)

Eric Goodman: Resolving Back Pain (LBP 004)

Esther Gokhale: Primal Posture (LBP 003)

Wendy Powell: Let’s Stop Spot-Treating Postpartum Issues (LBP002)

Original Strength: Getting Back to the Beginning of Movement (LBP001)